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RO Physical Migration

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by naphtha, 3 weeks ago

UPDATE 2: Migration is finished. Router issues were fixed, everything should work as expected.

UPDATE 1: Migration is (almost) finished. There is a router issue that still needs to be resolved. All incoming connection IPs will show up as the gateway (, breaking firewalls. You will not be able to control your VMs through the panel until this is resolved.

It's finally happening.

After many months of network issues, packet loss, high latency, being throttled to 200mb/s by our ISP, postponing and preparing for the move, migrating VMs, finding the right datacenter and the right ISP, we are ready.

The current Romanian server, Osaka, will be physically moved to the Voxility datacenter in Bucharest starting Monday, June 10.

This will be a relatively long downtime, but I believe it will be worth it. The new location will enable us to have better peering (which means lower latency), high reliability and a possible 10Gb/s network upgrade sometime in the future.

This post will be updated with the exact time and ETA. Washington and the Kyun website will not be affected.