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by naphtha, 37 seconds ago

Monerica has blacklisted Kyun, saying it is "Unreliable web hosting due to frequent outages and data loss. The owner Naphtha is currently MIA"

Now, I have never claimed Kyun is the most reliable hosting provider in the world. If you want reliability, you already have providers like GCP, AWS and Azure, that have the budget to ensure reliability at all costs.

Having said that, I am actively working on the reliability and performance of Kyun services, especially network performance.

The Kyun site(s) will very soon be moved to a setup that will make it a lot harder to take them down. VMs in Romania are currently being migrated to another server (they're transferring at 117MB/s so you shouldn't notice any significant downtime). After that's done, the physical server will be moved to a proper datacenter, with redundant ISP links, greatly improving the network situation. More details will be revealed in another post.

What I really don't understand is the last part, "The owner Naphtha is currently MIA". What? The canary is being updated every 10 days, signed with my key. I reply to 99% of messages within the same day, and if I'm not AFK, I usually reply instantly. I have never received any attempt of communication from Monerica.

I can't help but think there are other reasons for this.......

If you're looking for a useful and non-biased listing site, I strongly recommend kycnot.me.