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Deposit Bonuses

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by naphtha, 7 months ago

One thing I've wanted for Kyun since it started is to add more server locations, in different regions and different datacenters, with DDOS protection and other bells & whistles. But something kept me back from this dream:

Servers aren't free, and they ain't cheap either.

So, as a part of my plan to help me (and you!!!!) achieve this dream faster, I've implemented deposit bonuses.

One of the many reasons Kyun is (relatively) higher-priced, and why we don't offer super low-spec servers, is to minimize abuse.

It's a lot cheaper to get a 1 euro low spec server, abuse it, get it banned, make a new account, get the server again, etc, rinse and repeat, than to do the same with a 5 euro server.

A person making a large deposit practically guarantees they're not a skid looking to cause any trouble, so making it cheaper for them makes a lot of sense.

Here's the formula for now, drafted up using my high school dropout math skillz:

round(min(x / 2, max(0, sqrt(x^3) / 35 - 2)))

Here's the formula on Desmos.

I don't understand either, but basically, the bonus increases exponentially, starting from ~20 euro.

The 100 EUR limit has also been removed.

Keeping true to my goal of not locking people into a service they don't want (and also the goal of me not having to refund 10 people a day), this feature will not be mentioned anywhere other than this post and on the deposit screen, once you enter an amount above the threshold.

And if you think this feature is taken straight out of gambling websites, wait until you see the next one.

By the way, Kyun recently reached 200 VMs. Not sure for how long, as there are a few suspended servers, but thank you. It truly means a lot to me, I never thought I'd get 5 VMs when I started, let alone 200.